When You Can Submit a Return Request:

First, please note that if your order is still in processing, and has not been shipped yet, you cannot submit a return request. If you would like to cancel your order before we ship it out, please contact our customer service directly at 1800 400 0099

You can only submit a return request within 30 days after you receive your order. Please find our detailed return policy here.

Return a Guest Order

If you don’t have an account, and placed your order as a guest, please click the link below to locate your order and submit a return request.

Return a Customer Order

If you placed your order as a logged in customer, or created an account on the checkout success page, please fill this form below:

Track Your Request Status

Please fill out the return form and then click Submit button. You can upload an attachment. File size is up to 10MB, if you have multiple attachments to attach, please create an archive file to include all of them.

After you submit your return, use the same link above to locate your order, check replies from our customer service team, and keep track of your request status.

You will also receive an email reminder once there is a reply from our team, please do not reply the email, and go to the website to reply us instead.

Once your request is approved, the status of your request will change to processing, and you will now be able to print your RMA Slip.

Print Return Slip

Return Slip must be printed and included in the return package. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) code will be included on the slip.

You will be able to print the Return Slip once your request is approved, and the status of your request changes to processing.

To print the Return Slip, click "View" link and go to the request detail page, then simply click Print Return Slip link. Your Return Slip will be opened in a popup window. Click Print button at bottom to print it out.

Pack and Ship

Pack your return package. Items below must be included in the package: the item you request to return, and Print Return Slip

You can find the return address on your Return Slip, please note US and Canadian customers are requested to send the return package to different addresses.

If your return address is not available on the Return Slip, please contact customer service.

Once you ship out the return package, please notify us by clicking Confirm Shipping link on the request detail page, or email us.

Please make sure print out your Return Slip first. You will not be able to print your Return Slip once you confirm shipping.

You will know your refund has been issued when you see the status of your request change to complete. It typically takes 2-7 business days for the refund to process into your bank account. You can find more details about refund policy here.